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Forever a work in progress as I figure out how trivial Van considers treachery, omnicide and jaywalking to be.

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Name: Van Grants
Age: 27
Job: Garrison

Height/Build: 189 cm = 6'2"-ish / 86 kg = 189 pounds-ish. Tall and muscular, just how you like your final bosses.
Appearance Notes: Reference picture! He almost always has his sword with him because why wouldn't he?

Other: Van Grants is a liar mcliarface so take everything he says with a kiloton of salt.
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Name: Selenia // Van Grants
Age: 27...looks older. '-'
Team: Sapphire

Height/Build: 189 cm = 6'2"-ish / 86 kg = 189 pounds-ish. Tall and muscular and yet conforming to the BMI in that way that can only happen in anime, basically.
Hair Color/Eye Color: Brown hair / Blue eyes.
Notable Traits: He has very noticeable, possibly intimidating facial hair. Don't worry, the beard doesn't bite.

The eyebrows might sting though.

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Van Grants (Selenia)
Beth / seizeglory @ gmail / vandesdelca @ plurk
Parlor black cherry
Age 27
Height/Build 189 cm / 6'2", 86 kg / 189 pounds
Notes Post-[community profile] aather, so he's more likely to introduce himself as 'Selenia' and will probably insist on it on the off-chance anyone else knows his true name.

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Name: Commandant Lion || Van Grants
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Team: Cats

Height/Build: 189 cm / 6'2", 86 kg = 189 pounds-ish. Pretty physically fit!
Hair Color/Eye Color: Brown hair, blue eyes.
Notable Traits: >:3>

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So! I am playing an abusive fucker that is regaining the memories of being an abusive fucker and as a result, can easily go from 'seemingly decent human being' to 'FUCKING TERRIBLE' in the span of a comment. This is not a very good thing in a fast-paced comment spam game with a wide range of players who may be uncomfortable with this stuff.

The purpose of this post is just to make sure people are aware of the potential for these things and are comfortable threading them out. Van is primarily verbally and emotionally abusive but can still move to be physically abusive as well in some situations, so those are the potential triggers that may come up when you thread with him.

Comment here with your characters to let me know that you are comfortable with this stuff sometimes popping up in threads. If you are only comfortable to a point, let me know. If you decide not to comment, I'll just send you a PM when things get into 'danger territory' before I reply back in the thread to make sure everyone's on the same page.

(Comments are screened, just in case. If you're still uncomfortable with that, you are also free to private message 'Van' on IRC. The whole point of this is to make sure everyone is comfortable playing so please don't feel bad if you have to say "No" to this!)
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[Suddenly, the books on several of the shelves spring to life--they flutter around the room and open above those present. As they do a magic circle springs out of their pages, enveloping the players in a beam of light and making them vanish into their pages--two to a book. Inside is a featureless room with an indestructible paper-like substance lining floor, walls and ceiling, inlaid with an intricate pattern of library shelving drawn in faintly glowing, metallic ink…

On the floor somewhere nearby is an incredibly sharp quill and a bottle of an inklike substance--which is clearly labeled as β€˜Still not intended for ingestion unless you wish to die painfully, you twit.’]

[Well, this game looks fun.]
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RPG Inventory

Earned: 176 morning from Goldie's kissing memory game
Taken: n/a
Form: a small chocolate truffle

This is a skill that'll allow Van to ignore the laws of physics and stuff his things into magical inventory space. Very handy skill to have so he can hide his growing collection of stuffed animals. Food also keeps very well in this space, judging from the fact that you can buy meat at the beginning of the game and feasibly wait until before the final boss to use it, so it's also super handy for snacks

Van is not prone to joining a party and will probably avoid it like the plague to keep his inventory his, but it's default is set to Sapphire. Party of Selenia's heart. >:V>

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- Rainbow scarf from Spitfire
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[Well this is going to be fun.]
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Van Grants ([personal profile] glorious): 70,771 comments (97.18%), played since 2011-12-15 (901 days at 79 comments/day)
Sophie ([personal profile] firstflower): 2,053 comments (2.82%), played since 2014-02-27 (96 days at 21 comments/day)

Total comment count: 72,824 since 2011-12-15 (901 days at 81 comments/day)

To celebrate hitting 70k and...2k respectably, and also the fact that I haven't done this in nine months; I'll be doing a QUESTION MEME for Van Grants, Vyan Grants, Van...Grants..., and Sophie. I'll also be accepting questions for The Velveteen Rabbit but I reserve the right to be vague.
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Character Name: Noir // Van Grants
Unit: Cardinal
Age: 27 (...looks older)
Height: 189 cm / 6'2
Weight: 86 kg = 189 pounds-ish
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Appearance: Reference picture because I'm from an anime-RPG canon and lazy. Though you will likely find him in this number. PRETTY STRAIGHTFORWARD he looks like a normal dude and is one and will ping as such.

Birds mark: Noir is now growing feathers on his left arm. Because canon is good to me.

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Nov. 18th, 2013 11:14 pm
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[Act, Scene, Line in subject if you can!]

[Selenia is playing the roles of Egeus and Tom Snout both!]
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[Tokens owed;

Teal: 3
Celeste: 1
Fawn: 1
Sage: 3

Celeste: 12

because fuck everyone else

Fake tokens of deceit left: 3/12]
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I HAVEN'T DONE A QUESTION MEME SINCE MARCH. And I need something to go back and forth on while doing a tedious assignment.

Right now I'm down to Selenia, my Van Grants from Aather, and Noir, my Van Grants from Deco. (Playing two Vans felt less ridiculous when I also had girls in my lineup alkjfsd).

And though they're dropped, I'll also accept questions for Estelle and Saya if there are any. (PRETEND I STILL HAVE VARIETY OK? OK!)
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[ You’re falling, falling, falling... Fear takes over you and you reach out to grab anyone, anything that can stop your fall, but everything you touch slips out of your grip. ]

[ Then you hear a song -- a faint lullaby -- and the next thing you reach for is a hand that grips yours tightly. Your fall begins to slow and the fear you felt fades away as you’re eased down to the ground below... ]

((join #seizeglory if possible!
ETA: ALSO THIS IS A DREAM HEART to be slotted into whichever night is most convenient. You just fell asleep and found yourself here. o/))
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HELLO. I'm running an out-time 'in a dream' heart game for Selenia since my internet connection is really unreliable and I'd rather not take a scored game slot while that's the case (and also, it'll be less stressful for me overall to not have to worry about scoring or time limits).

I plan to start on May 28th at about 6PM EST but I can probably start a bit earlier than that for moontimers if you don't mind a slow start, and people are of course welcome to start late. My hope is to wrap it up by the following weekend and then slot it back into the timeline on the next IC night, but I want to try and be flexible for people who might want more time for whatever. THE BEAUTY OF UNOFFICIAL HEARTS, COMPLETE FREEDOM OF TIME.

Anyway, some content warnings to keep in mind: heart contains )

So if you're interested, just comment here and let me know if you have any needs regarding the time, or concerns about any of the content warnings. (And you can PM me on this account if the second concern is personal, but if there's a potential for any of that to be OOCly triggering then it may be best to skip this heart entirely.)
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A LOT HAPPENED, I have a Good Ended character that won Aather, another who feels as though he defeated the Score Aather and yet another who's still figuring things out but is looking forward and I want to blather about anything and everything Aather so let me blather at you.

Ask away about Selenia/Van Grants, Estelle and I guess Saya too cause why not.

(And I guess if you know who I apped to Deco you can ask about that too but I reserve the right to answer with "i don't even know." >:B>)
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It's been forever since I've done one of these, I'm really bored and I want to blather about stuuuuff.

Ask me anything about Selenia/Van Grants, Saya and Estelle except about their underwear because that's rude. >:T>


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